RECON is open to any certified diver who:

  • has logged at least 10 dives (25 dives are preferred)

  • is in good health

  • can maintain good buoyancy control underwater (to prevent damage to the organisms being surveyed and the surrounding reef with his or her body and equipment).

For a list of RECON Instructors click on the photo:


RECON I diver: Complete RECON training (includes 2 surveys) + receive 80% on RECON Level 1 exam.

RECON II diver: Complete 6 surveys conducted with a RECON -certified dive buddy

RECON III diver: Complete 10 surveys and receive 80% on Level 2 exam.  May now conduct surveys independently of dive buddy, submit survey description forms, can assist RECON Instructor with training dives.

RECON Instructor: Complete 10 surveys and complete RECON Instructor training  (includes 2 additional surveys) + receive 90% on RECON Level 2  exam.   Can now conduct RECON training.

If you are interested in becoming a RECON diver, please contact one of the Instructors or dive shops listed on this website or email us at