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Thank you for all of the time and effort that you put into teaching RECON workshops and certifying new RECON divers.  Without your continued efforts, the RECON program could not exist.  In order to help make training and workshops easier for you, we will provide electronic copies of workshop presentations and examination templates, as well as additional training tools for you to use.  Contact us at if you wish to conduct a workshop. We have also included online forms for ordering supplies and promoting your upcoming workshops to make these tasks as quick and simple as possible for you.  If you have any articles or photos that you would like posted, please send them along at any time, along with short stories about your RECON divers or workshops.  We are eager to share the successes of you, your students and/or your organization in using the RECON program to monitor coral reef health.

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Please send articles, photos and workshop announcements you would like posted on the RECON web page to:


Soon we will have an online interactive RECON Database.  Features will be included are an online data entry form and online data access