Restoration Grant for SEA Inc.?


SEA Inc. just submitted a proposal for the Five Star Restoration Challenge Grant.  Called the Florida Keys Coral Propagation and Restoration Research/Demonstration Project, it is a community based reef restoration effort that involves The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (FKNMS), The Nature Conservancy, The Ocean Conservancy (TOC), the Coral Shores High School Marine Studies Program, Ken Nedimyer of Healthy Reefs Inc. and SEA Inc.   The purpose of the project is to expand on an existing Staghorn coral (Acropora cervicornis) propagation project at a privately owned “coral farm” near Pickles reef off Key Largo and then transplant some of the “farmed” corals to one or more research and demonstration sites in a nearby reef area.

The goals of the Florida Keys Coral Propagation and Restoration Research/Demonstration Project include:

1.      Producing at least 50 coral propagation modules and deploying, monitoring and maintaining at least 500 new coral cuttings on those modules at Ken Nedimyer’s coral farm.  These corals will be used only for reef restoration.  

2.      Using corals from Ken Nedimyer’s coral farm to deploy a Staghorn coral restoration research/demonstration site covering at least 10 square meters in area.

3.      Partnering with FKNMS staff and coral researchers to monitor the restoration site.

4.      Developing a plan for sustaining and expanding the coral farm and the coral reef restoration effort.

5.      Documenting the project via photographs/video and written narrative to develop outreach and education, and future project promotional materials. 

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Planting coral cuttings.

Coral cuttings after 2 years.


The responsibility for management and operations of the RECON program has been formally transferred from The Ocean Conservancy (TOC) to SEA, Inc. through a licensing agreement reached early in 2006.   In 2005 TOC determined that the organization could no longer provide operational support for the highly worthwhile program. SEA, Inc. then expressed interest in acquiring the program, based upon its “fit” within the family of existing and planned educational/training activities.  Tom Tepper, TOC Senior Vice President for Operations stated, “I am pleased that RECON will continue as a project managed and directed by SEA Inc.”  The agreement provides for a continued level of involvement by TOC while SEA, Inc. takes over the day-to-day operations, training, fundraising, partnership-building, and future development of the program.  Dr. Judy Lang, who developed the RECON protocol, said, “This is energizing!"

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RECON Divers conducting reef survey