Thank you to all divers who continue to be active in the RECON Monitoring Program.  We would like to provide you with the latest information on approved dive sites, forms that you may frequently need, and an online data entry system to make sending in your RECON data quick and easy.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to write us at

There are RECON dive sites with RECON site descriptions in the following areas:

Florida Keys/Dry Tortugas


Puerto Rico

US Virgin Islands

San Andres

For information on RECON sites and/or RECON site descriptions in your area or an area you are planning to visit please contact us at:

To learn how to participate in the RECON Program
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Class Registration Form

Site Description Survey

Data Transcription Card


Soon we will have an online interactive RECON Database. Features that will be included are an online data entry form and online data retrieval.